Glycon Corp. was founded in 1978 as a regional supplier of aftermarket parts for the plastics processing industry. Originally incorporated as Great Lakes Feedscrews, the business expanded over the years to include a full range of engineered components, along with design capabilities, and field services to O.E.M.’s and processors worldwide.

Today, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, Glycon screw designs are recognized within the plastics industry not only for their exceptional performance, but for longevity as well. Along with the widely acclaimed QSO® non-return valve, proprietary designed feed housings and field engineering services, Glycon continues to be a leader in key aftermarket parts for INJECTION, BLOWMOLDING, and EXTRUSION. As resins and additives continue to evolve, so does Glycon with new ideas in screw design with metallurgical technology and with state-of-the-art process wear monitoring systems.

Glycon has a full range of aftermarket capabilities including preventative maintenance, retrofits and rebuilds. With an outstanding team of talented engineers and field service technicians, an experienced manufacturing group and a commitment to preserve the environment, let Glycon Corp. be your “solutions provider".


over 40 years of experience

A recognized leader in high performance feedscrews, Tecumseh, MI based Glycon Corp. has served processors and original machinery manufacturers around the world for over 40 years. Glycon Corp. supplies technology and expertise for plastics processing machines. It designs, manufactures, markets, and services systems for melt delivery on extruders, injection, and blow molding machines. Glycon components are utilized in plastics processing for automotive, packaging, agricultural, medical, recreational, construction, and environmental markets.

With an eye to the future, Glycon is committed to sustainable practices in their manufacturing operations and utilizes a fully equipped Innovation Laboratory to develop efficient processing technology for bioplastics.

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Glycon Through the Years

Our History


Company was founded

Glycon Corp. was founded in 1978, originally incorporated as Great Lakes Feedscrews, as a regional supplier of aftermarket parts for the plastics processing industry.


contract with OWENS-ILLINOIS®

Great Lakes Feedscrews, Inc. received a national contract from OWENS-ILLINOIS® to supply replacement parts for BC-3 blow molding machines.


Contract with FORD MOTOR CO.®

Great Lakes Feedscrews, Inc. was awarded a blanket contract for screws and barrels from FORD MOTOR CO.®


Company awarded U.S. Patent

Company awarded U.S. Patent #4,604,251 for “method and apparatus for indicating dimensional relationships in plasticating machinery.”


Moves to new facility

Great Lakes Feedscrews, Inc. moved into a new 24,000 square foot, fully air conditioned, state of the art manufacturing facility.


Solves problem on body panels at SATURN CORP.®

Great Lakes Feedscrews, Inc. in a cooperative effort with DOW® and UBE® solved major processing problems on injection molded body panels at SATURN CORP.®


awarded patent for “Universal Mixing Screw.”

Great Lakes Feedscrews, Inc. was awarded patent # 1,859,099 for “Universal Mixing Screw.”


unveils their new name, GLYCON CORP.

At NPE ‘97 in Chicago, Great Lakes Feedscrews, Inc., unveiled their new name, GLYCON CORP. and marked the occasion by having their high performance screws chosen by 6 leading machinery manufacturers to run in show machines.


develops a high output screw for UNILOY®

GLYCON CORP. successfully developed a high output screw for UNILOY® that became the new standard for performance in the dairy blow molding industry.


begins production on a new CNC screw cutting machine

GLYCON CORP. began production on a new state of the art CNC screw cutting machine, the 1st of its kind in North America.


Featured in special millenium edition of Modern Plastics Magazine

GLYCON Corporation’s introduction of ADVANCED SCREW DESIGN was chosen in the special millenium edition of Modern Plastics Magazine as one of the “100 EVENTS THAT SHAPED PLASTICS IN THE 20TH CENTURY.


Featured in Injection Molding Magazine

Injection Molding Magazine ran a feature article on GLYCON’s QSO® (Quick Shut-off) Valve.



GLYCON unveiled SMARTBARREL™, a simple mechanical procedure to measure screw and barrel wear.


electronic screw wear measurement system

GLYCON completed final testing of electronic screw wear measurement system.


Flite-Scan® systems installed

1st TWO Flite-Scan® systems installed in the field on 6" production extrusion lines featuring REMOTE ACCESS to wear data!


Initiated Onsite Laser Alignment Services

Purchased new laser alignment equipment to enhance our barrel alignment services


Improved QSO design

Improved our Industry leading QSO® to include a special High-wear design