Feed Throats



Feed Throat repair services and manufactured components include:

• Re-lining your current feed throat housing with grooved or smooth bore one piece constructed industry standard carbide liner.

• Re-designing your current, feed throat housing to accommodate Glycon’s 2-piece welded liner assembly. The Glycon design does not rely on an “interference fit” between the liner and housing to contain cooling fluids. Unlike the 1-piece design, once you have the Glycon liner, the 2-piece design is self supporting and allows the customer to press out a worn Glycon design liner and install a new or refurbished liner.

• Exploring the possibility of going from a grooved feed design to a smooth bore, in combination with Glycon’s DM2 high performance feedscrew, to approach grooved feed extrusion rates while eliminating accelerated wear issues inherent to grooved feed systems.

• Providing a low cost domestic source for maintenance to fit most plastic processing machinery.