Welcome to Glycon Corp. Please use this website to learn more about our company and the many useful resources we have to offer plastics processors.

Founded over 40 years ago, Glycon Corp. is the choice of many of the most successful processors and original equipment manufacturers for quality and innovation in plastics machinery components. Specializing in high performance feed screws, the Glycon team has also introduced new technology for injection molders with the widely acclaimed QSO® non-return valve and for extruders and blow molders with the unique “replaceable sleeve" feed throat.

The Company’s success has been derived from both continuity of ownership and  a solid team of highly engaged professionals in both our manufacturing plant and our office staff. We are especially proud of our “Engineering and Customer Support Team." Our ECS Team members are trained to manage on-site installations, including laser alignments, to diagnose problems and to recommend solutions to improve productivity and to extend wear life.

At Glycon, quality of product and personalized service are paramount.

I have been very fortunate over the years to have been associated with some of the industry leaders in the field of feed screw design and screw & barrel metallurgy…names like Barr, Hsu, Chung, Spalding, Frankland, Schmidt and McGill. Glycon Corp. is very proud to carry on the tradition of new ideas and progress in their Innovation Laboratory where Glycon has re-designed their lab to facilitate the testing and processability of environmentally friendly bioplastic, biodegradable, compostable and recycled plastics.

With an eye to the future, I sincerely appreciate your interest in our company and welcome your calls and inquiries.

Jeff Kuhman, President