As processors gear up for production on a new project, Glycon’s dedicated Innovation Lab has the resources to help optimize screw performance, testing several different designs and then zeroing in on the best melting and mixing combination. Or, if a molder is having a problem with splay or burning, or if an extruder is not getting proper mixing or sufficient throughput, technicians at the Innovation Lab can reproduce these problems under controlled conditions and quickly find ways to attack the problem through the application of the latest screw and processing technology.

Glycon’s INNOVATION LAB will be available to schedule tests for processors and suppliers. Clients will be able to attend tests in person or participate via live streaming from the LAB. Complete data on the test along with a recommendation on screw design will be supplied. extruder screw and barrel repair

With the rapid growth of the focus on the environment, BIOPLASTIC TECHNOLOGY has become a critical component of the future of the plastics industry. Glycon has recently re-designed their screw design laboratory, now designated as the “INNOVATION LAB", to facilitate testing of the processability and performance of new environmentally friendly polymers. The objective of the Innovation Lab is to run and compare different materials, i.e. Biobased vs. Petroleum based as well as Biodegradable, Recycled and Compostable materials. Lab technicians will choose from over 25 different screw configurations with the ability to modify and re-cut onsite to achieve optimum performance.